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SEP serves many of the world’s leading research and academic societies. We are currently establishing an international catalogue which covers academic conferences, workshops, and events of all disciplines.


We are moving toward scientific publishing perfection. Thus, all of our journals are vigorously reviewed and enjoy the widest possible distribution.To maintain these standards and protect the rights of our authors we insist that our publications not be copied, transmitted, distributed, et cetera without our written permission.

Along with the inherent benefits of "publishing perfection" (broad distribution with authorship recognition), our company offers additional services to aid in refining and promoting quality research papers.

Our services offered include:


We offer copy-editing services. This has always been an important part of the publishing business. Quality papers may be "forgotten" if they have not been professionally reviewed. We offer all of the necessary services to produce a high-quality finished product. The services include not just basic proofreading (checking for typographical and mechanical errors) but also adherence to grammar, spelling, usage, and style guidelines. Consistency in how words, phrases, typographical elements, charts and figures are formatted is also vital.


E-mail alerting services are also an integral part of our services offered. E-mail alerts provide researchers and professionals with the opportunity to receive updates on the latest happenings in a particular field. Thus, through this free marketing channel, we can provide the author's content for those who have already shown interest in that subject matter. This has proven to be an invaluable resource for authors and researchers alike.


Although hard-copies are becoming somewhat less popular, there still proves to be occasional need for printed materials. We offer print-on-demand services as an alternative.


There is much processing, designing, editing, coordinating, correspondence, planning and the like that go into the production and promotion of each SEP journal.
The author-pay model provides the means necessary to continue producing professional journals for the public. But other payment options are also available upon request, allowing flexibility that is not found with other publishers.


Journal dissemination and impact factors are also vital to journal paper visibility. There is much work involved in the creation of metadata. This allows for a paper to be found amidst all of the other information available. We provide all of the necessary tools to get papers indexed by the leading platforms and indexing service companies.