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SEP serves many of the world’s leading research and academic societies. We are currently establishing an international catalogue which covers academic conferences, workshops, and events of all disciplines.


We at Science and Engineering Publishing warmly welcome all authors to publish with us. While the laboratory may be laborious at times, we want to make the publishing process as simple as possible. There are three basic steps to publishing with SEP.

Step One - Choose the Right Journal
Look through our list of journals. Choose the journal whose aim and scope adhere most closely to your research area. Papers not compatible with the overall content of the journal will, in most cases, not be accepted for publication.

Step Two - Prepare Your Paper
Follow the submission guidelines. These are similar but may slightly differ for each journal. Again, check the journals page for journal guideline specifics.

Step Three - Submit Your Paper
Now the hard work has been done. You have chosen the journal that fits your subject matter
and formatted  your  paper  to  fit the journal criteria, now simply upload your paper via the
journal website. We will keep you updated on the status of your paper. If you have any
question regarding the status of your paper or any other questions, please feel free to contact